Six Months to America- service package

A company expanding to the United States will want to analyze their products’ real demand and competitive situation. Capteeni’s ® Six Months to America- service package will provide a good platform for opportunity to get the first sale within six months from the start of the project. Deliverables for Client:

  1. improved understanding about the US market, its potential in Client’s product/service sales terms
  2. reasoned recommendation for top 3 tradeshows
  3. expert advice and marketing tips from people that know the American market
  4. improved understanding about the competitive situation
  5. clear direction to where what and how is a good way to start the US market
  6. understanding, what state has the best market for Client’s products
  7. principles of online management to lower sales costs
  8. a deeper analysis of the selected market in a chosen state
  9. consumer reactions about Client’s products
  10. two meetings with potential customers
  11. a visual, easily understandable report straight from the US via PowerPoint

Licensing Service

We commercialize companies and inventors’ patents. We also advice with licensing-related questions.

Capteeni’s ® licensing team has over 25 years of experience with licensing- related business around the world. Our team has licensing experience from over one hundred agreed licensing agreements in over 30 countries as well as building a licensing network and managing it in over 80 countries. We have built a nationwide licensee network in the US.

Sales personnel recruiting in the US

Great success in the US

  • Co-operating with Capteeni one of the nations leading, only in sales personnel specialized recruiting company that operates in every state. They’ve successfully recruited thousands of sales professionals
  • One of the best B2B- sales specialized sales personnel recruiters
  • 93% of the recruited accomplish their first year’s given sales goals
  • The advantage to focus only on sales vs. general search companies
  • Search process, that involves the sales environment
  • Fixed pricing
  • Guarantee
  • Fast recruiting process


Is your product or service part of FDA regulations?

FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration. They control the following products:

  1. Food
  2. Beverages
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Nutritional supplements
  5. Medicine
  6. Medical equipment and devices
  7. Prescription free medicine (OTC)

Does your product require FDA approval before you can start your marketing? Does your product require FDA registration?

We work with a company that’s specialized in FDA approvals. We help our Clients get FDA analysis’ and assist our Clients with required permits.

Office establishment services

We offer office establishment services, so that the Client can fully focus on business development, without the extra burden caused by bureaucracy and routines.

Office Space

We seek a suitable office space for Client by given criteria and budget. If required, we also arrange voice mail services and virtual office services. We can also give advice with matters that involve the lease agreement.


We help find Client’s employees suitable housing by given criteria. We can also give advice with matters that involve the lease agreement.

Matters regarding work relationship

We advice on the employee’s manual matters such: discrimination prohibiting standards, pay roll, work hours, operational habits, common employee matters, work safety and common safety, benefits and standards related to ending a work relationship.

Pay Roll

We connect Client to professionals who provide full front of payroll services. They handle payroll related obligations such as employer taxation, 401(k)- administration, employee payroll and withholding tax.


We introduce our Client to a suitable bank, so that bank related matters are done smoothly.


We connect our Client to a reputable immigration lawyer, who can advice in permit related matters as well as the documents needed.

Establishing a company

We offer a contact to corporate law- specialized lawyer who can advice on where and what kind of a company Client establish. We introduce Client to required bookkeepers and tax consultants.

Recruiting Personel

We work with recruiting companies and handle the required search for personnel, including management and sales recruiting.

Expand to the US via tradeshow – with excellent control and results

Tradeshow is a functional way of getting to see a real slice of the American market, potential distributors as well as end customers. By carefully selecting a proper trade show with local culture-understanding tradeshow representatives, it’s possible to get even 200 contacts and more. Capteeni’s ® three-step service package “Expand to the US via tradeshow – with excellent control and results” contains the following phases:

First step is analyzing the proper trade shows, and then selecting three of the best ones for the Client with proper arguments. America has thousands of trade shows annually.

Second step is to participate in a trade show. Capteeni ® helps Client to prepare for a right trade show as well as all practical things, and if needed, send an experienced project manager to help Client there.

Third step is the follow up, where all inquiries are responded to, aiming to find the potential distributors or buyers for the Client’s product/service. Americans usually want to buy from Americans, so a Finnish phone number might not be the first one to be called back to follow up. Capteeni’s ® experienced American sales team will help Client follow up all the received inquiries.

It’s easy to expand to the US by participating to Capteeni’s ® program.

”Expand to the US via tradeshow – with excellent control and results”

  1. Trade Show analysis, fixed price
  2. Trade Show participation, tailored quotation
  3. Follow Up, tailored quotation

Arranging customer meetings

We organize sales meetings with Client’s criteria on the following industries: bio energy, cleantech, internet, consumer products, medical device and equipment, heal as well as corporate products. Our experts will arrange sales meetings, conference calls, presentations or online co-operation for Client. As an end-result Client is able to spend more time for good-quality sales opportunities. We invoice based on results, not the work done. This means that Client has no risk.

Strategic publicity campaigns

Our Co-operation Company is a full-service PR firm with satellite offices across the U.S. Our consortium comprises a staff of exceptional marketing and business development strategists and analysts, copywriters, editors, book authors, web and graphic designers, and audio and video producers. At the core, we are a team of seasoned PR professionals with over 30 years of strategy and media relations experience. Through us, you can get main stream media publicity and go as far as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, CNET, Good Morning

Making a suitable website for the US

The United States market requires a new marketing plan. Experience from Europe and Asia won’t help in the US where the field of marketing is the world’s most competed one.

We work with a US-based, online marketing and website design specialized office. We make our Clients suitable websites for the American market. We offer high-quality SEO- services to improve your website’s standing with internet searches.

We also help improve our Client’s social media presence with Facebook-, StumbleUpon-, Google-, Youtube-, Pinterest-, Linkedin-, and Twitter-campaigns.

Building a distribution network

Capteeni ® builds distribution networks for Clients state by state, by given criteria. We also find co-operation companies that already have a regional/national distribution networks for our Clients. Capteeni’s ® wide contact network speeds up the search for distributors and saves up a remarkable amount of expenses.

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