Capteeni’s ® team has over 25 years of successful US business experience. Our team members have launched several different Finnish services and products in the US. Capteeni’s ® extensive network spans all States across the country. Team members have built a nationwide distribution network that employs over 400 people.

Capteeni’s ® key personnel:

Simo J. Lahtinen

Founder and President

Board Member to the FACC – Midwest. Founder, Owner and President of Capteeni Oy and Capteeni LLC. Chairman to the Board, Uretek Worldwide Oy. Offices in Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA as well as regional offices in Melbourne, FL and Turku and Tampere, Finland. Lived in the US for nine years in New York City, NY, Memphis, Tennessee, Clearwater Beach, Florida, Fairfield Iowa and now Chicago, IL. Second Generation Entrepreneur in the U.S. market. Mr. Lahtinen has worked in an international construction company as project manager. Simo’s contact networks include fields of Consumer products, electronics, furniture, forestry equipment, energy production, railroads, construction, construction equipment, small machinery, defense industry, health & wellness, ITC, pet products as well as the marine segment. He has successfully taken several companies from Finland to the U.S. market. Strengths: U.S. Market Entry, building dealer networks, finding importers, setting up sales meetings as well as general, sales and cultural consulting. For more information, please read Mr. Lahtinen’s blog.

Brian Smith

Senior Adviser

UGG Founder Brian Smith; has become one of the most sought after speakers and business leaders in the country. His inspirational talks and media appearances on his breakthrough business strategies are widely attended by business people of all ages from a diverse array of market sectors.
Team building, company culture, growth challenges, are all presented through a lens of vast experience, combined with a vision of a spiritual approach towards the future of business today.

Timo Lahtinen

Chairman of the Board

Successful entrepreneur and consultant to major companies, investor, MSc. Founder of URETEK Worldwide Oy that now operates in over 80 countries. Extensive contact network in the USA, Europe and Asia. Over 25 years of experience with construction related business in North America and other countries. Mr. Lahtinen has taken several businesses to the US and 80 other countries and has built in the U.S. a nationwide distribution network that employs now over 400 people. Strengths: strategy, licensing, management consulting, expanding a business to USA.

Andrew Bargerstock

Senior Advisor

M.B.A, C.P.A, Ph.D., Professor. Andrew Bargerstock worked as an executive with a Fortune 500 company, established two successful businesses, and consulted with many companies including Allstate Insurance, BJC Health System, W.L. Gore & Associates, US Patent and Trademark Office, and Virginia Department of Social Services.

David Goodman

Senior Advisor

M.B.A, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor, consultant and a business owner. Strengths: market research, strategy, business plans, business proposal writing with extensive experience in acquiring grants and investment capital.

Ayako Huang

Senior Advisor

M.P.A., Ph.D. and Assistant Professor. Strengths: business development, licensing, organizational behavior, strategic management, transaction-cost economics and business-to-business contractual behavior.

Michele Rutledge


M.A, Member of National Leadership Council’s Board, international consultant. Michele Rutledge has a diverse background and experience various sized companies. Ms. Rutledge has executive and directorship in startups and incubators. Ms. Rutledge is well connected with industries including; aviation, agriculture, biochemistry and internet. Her strengths include market research, competitor analysis, sales, arranging customer meetings, cold calling, tradeshow analysis, tradeshow representation and office establishment services.

DJ Ramsamooj

Market Entry Specialist, USA

DJ is a graduate of Maharishi University of Management with a focus in Business Administration and Marketing. He stands for environmental sustainability, innovation, and providing the tools and resources consumers need to improve their lives and businesses. DJ has proven communication and interpersonal skills and excels at identifying consumer needs and efficient business development practices.

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