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Sales personnel recruiting in the US

Great success in the US

  • Co-operating with Capteeni ® one of the nations leading, only in sales personnel specialized recruiting company, which operates in every state. They’ve successfully recruited thousands of sales professionals
  • One of the best B2B- sales specialized sales personnel recruiters
  • 93% of the recruited accomplish their first year’s given sales goals
  • The advantage to focus only on sales vs. general search companies
  • Search process, that involves the sales environment
  • Fixed pricing
  • Guarantee
  • Fast recruiting process

Strategic publicity campaigns

Our Co-operation Company is a full-service PR firm with satellite offices across the U.S. Our consortium comprises a staff of exceptional marketing and business development strategists and analysts, copywriters, editors, book authors, web and graphic designers, and audio and video producers. At the core, we are a team of seasoned PR professionals with over 30 years of strategy and media relations’ experience


We co-operate with a US-based, online marketing and website design specialized company.

We make our Clients suitable websites for the US market.

We offer a high-quality SEO- services as well as Facebook-, StumbleUpon-, Google-, Youtube-, Pinterest-, Linkedin- and Twitter- campaigns.

Consumer behavior

We co-operate with consumer behavior research companies. Understanding the market and figuring out the right consumer target group requires information about the processes behind consumer’s purchasing decisions, attitudes and reactions to the already existing options. Other important factors are for example: age, sex, education, income level, occupation, family as well as home location. Also ethnic factors play a part in consumer behavior in the US.

Once the true facts of the purchase have been uncovered, it’ll be easier to plan your marketing. A good marketing plan will establish a foundation for a clear, focused marketing, which will help save money and achieve the desired results with more certainty.

Contacts to American legal offices

Through Capteeni ®, you will get in contact with legal offices in the US, whose industry focus is the following:

  • Corporate law, Custom Laws, Agreements, Intellectual Property, Immigration, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Employment and Labor, Mergers and acquisitions, Taxes, Environmental Laws, Litigation
  • Co-operation with variety of legal offices for over 25 years in Greater New York City area


Is your product or service part of FDA regulations?

FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration. They control the following products:

  1. Food
  2. Beverages
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Nutritional supplements
  5. Medicine
  6. Medical equipment and devices
  7. Prescription free medicine (OTC)

Does your product require FDA approval before you can start your marketing?
Does your product require FDA registration?

We work with a company that’s specialized in FDA approvals. We help our Clients get FDA analyses and assist our Clients with required permits.

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