Capteeni’s team has experience of 25 years of marketing in the United States. During these years we have delivered numerous amounts of projects for opening USA’s markets. In the last three years we have helped European companies for example in branches like construction, ITC, machinery and metal, medical equipment, education, logistics, lamp technology, furniture, automation, wood and forestry, cardboard-, energy-, and wood industry and energy technology.

Here we have collected some short summaries of our projects.

Arrangement of meetings in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Florida for a European company, which produces factory units linked with infra.

A market survey and arrangement of sales meetings in Florida for a European machine shop, which produces extra devices for heavy equipment.

A rival analysis for a European company, which offers services linked with special construction. Arrangement of 40 sales meetings in the Mid-West for a two-week sales trip for a client, which produces extra devices for cars. The goal was to find retailers. The trip revealed huge demand for the product. The company hired a sales director for the USA.

Arrangement of sales meetings for a 9-day sales trip focused on finding an importer for a forestry equipment-producing European company. Capteeni’s sales expert was also on the trip. In six months since the sales trip the client signed a contract with an importer, which already has ordered three containers of the company’s products In Six Months to America -service package to a European company that deliveres cloudbased data  systems linked with power plant logistics.

A further research in a pellet factory ­market segment. In Six Months to America ­service package to a European manufacturing company whose main client is  railroads. Capteeni’s sales expert was also on the trip. Arrangement of five sales meetings in Illinois,  Iowa and Indiana. The trip lead to constant businessess with many of the clients.

Arrangement of sales meetings in a ten­day sales trip in Wisconsin with potential importers, retailers  and end customers for a European company, that sells design decoration equipment. Capteeni’s sales  expert was also on the trip. The trip lead to constant businessess with many of the clients.

Arrangement of a sales meeting with potential retailers in a one­week sales trip in New York for a pet  products manufacturing startup. Capteeni’s sales expert was also on the trip. The trip lead to further  negotiations about many deals.

Arrangement of sales meetings with potential retailers in michigan for a  European company, which  produces equipment for boating.

We have arranged hundreds of B2B meetings for European firms in the USA. We make cold customers warm by using our expertise, strong experience and thorough background work. Our experts in the USA arrange high­quality meetings so that You can concentrate on doing business.

Arrangement of B2B Sales Meetings

We are the marketleader in B2B meetings arranged for European companies in the USA. We arrange business meetings, based on the criteria given by Our Client, together with the end customer, potential retailers, or potential importers. We make cold customers warm by using our expertise, strong experience and thorough background work. Our experts in the USA arrange meetings focused on making the deal. We have arranged business meetings in the following branches: furniture, forestry equipment, energy production, railroads, construction, pet accessories, boating, etc.

Geographically we operate in the whole country, and our latest projects have been carried out in the following states: New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Texas, Florida. We charge the outcome, not the work done.

Boosting the Results of a Business Trip with Sales Consulting In case the Client wants an expert who knows the conditions and negotiation methods of the USA, a Market Entry Specialist who has arranged the business meetings is available for the Client. Several projects have been carried out in the following states: New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont,

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Texas, Florida, etc. During the business trip our expert can set up extra meetings with the “Capteeni Sales Drop In” method, sometimes even 2­4 extra meetings per day.

During a one­week trip we have arranged 18 meetings with 11 of them leading to a deal.

Market Survey

A company willing to expand to the USA must resolve the real demand of the product and the competition. Capteeni’s Market Survey includes industrial analysis, rival analysis and client analysis, and gives a good opportunity to start to commerce in six months from the very beginning. The upshot is that the Client gets:

  1. A good view of the US market and the opportunities of product sales
  1. An understanding of which state is the best market for the product
  1. Marketing hints and tips from US market­knowing experts
  1. A view of the price level, leading rivals and their products
  1. A recommendation of the three most suitable exhibitions with explanations
  1. Clear guidelines on where and how to start in the US market
  1. Elements of “online leading” for lowering the costs of marketing
  1. A more precise analysis of markets in a chosen state
  1. Information of end users’ views for the production
  1. First retailer and customer meetings in a chosen state or target region
  1. A visual and easily understandable online report straight from the USA
  1. Market surveys have been made of furniture, railroad equipment, cloud­based data systems linked with power plants and specialized construction during a business trip with professional help accustomed to American marketing.

More precise geographical market analyses have been made of California, Chicago, St Louis, Illinois and Colorado, for example.

Building a Retail Network
Capteeni builds retail networks and arranges importers for its Clients, in a state scale, in a region scale, or in the whole country, depending on the given criteria. We seek also companies who already have a regional or a country-comprehensive distribution network for business cooperations. Capteeni’s widespread, whole country covering, comprehensive network of contacts accelerates the search for retailers and saves expenses remarkably. Retailers and importers have been acquired for example in the following industries: furniture, forestry equipment, energy production, railroad gear, construction, pet accessories and boating. Distributors and importers have been searched geographically, for example, from Mid­West, North­East, Texas and Florida. The Capteeni Team has built a whole country covering, comprehensive retail network, which is employing over 400 people.

To America by Exhibitions ­­ in a Controlled Manner and with Good Results
Using exhibitions is a well­working way to get some touch to the US market, potential retailers and end customers. It is possible to get even 200 contacts with correctly selected exhibitions and professional, local culture­understanding exhibitors. Capteeni’s three­step service packet “To America by Exhibitions ­­ in a Controlled Manner and with Good Results” includes the following phases:

The First Step is making the exhibition survey. Thousands of exhibitions are arranged in the USA yearly. We analyze and select from them the three most suitable ones with explanations for our Client.

The Second Step is to participate to the exhibitions. Capteeni helps the Client in preparing for the exhibitions and in all practical arrangements, and sends and experienced sales manager to support the Client in the exhibitions, when needed.

The Third Step is the aftercare, in which we answer all the inquiries, aiming to find the potential retailers and buyers. An American wants to buy from an American, and the threshold to call a European phone number after the exhibition is high. Capteeni’s experienced American sales team helps the Client to finish all the inquiries received during the exhibitions.

26 percent of all exhibitions in the world are arranged in the United States. Capteeni has made numerous exhibition surveys about, for example, furniture, ICT branch, forestry equipment, hydraulics, gear for railroads, timber construction and renovation.

Capteeni’s sales expert participated an exhibition held in Las Vegas together with the personnel of a company manufacturing consumer products. The goal was to find contacts as retailers. With the help of our sales manager we got 200 contacts, which was twice the amount of contacts normally made in exhibitions.

FDA surveys
Does your product or service belong to the realm of the so-called FDA law? Does your product demand a prior authorization before the marketing can begin? Does your product need an FDA

registration? FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, is in the USA the same as the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland, the European Food Safety Authority and the EU directives.

FDA controls the following products: food, drinks, cosmetics, food additives, medicines, medical equipment and Over The Counter medications. We operate in cooperation with a company specialized in FDA clearances, which makes FDA surveys and helps the Client in acquiring the required permissions.

Creating a Website Aimed to the USA Marketing
The USA demands its own marketing plan. Experiences from Europe and Asia do not work in the USA, where the market has the greatest rivalry in the world.

We do cooperation with an agency specialized in online marketing and making websites located in the USA. We make websites aimed to the USA market for Our Client.

We offer high-quality SEO services for improving your website’s ranking in search engines’ matches. We do campaigns in Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

An expansion into the US by a European company manufacturing corporate products through by building a nationwide license holder network that currently employs over 400 people.

We took a European corporate products manufacturing company to the US market in four months.

Conducted a tradeshow analysis for a European consumer products manufacturer. Of the thousands of annual tradeshows, we carefully chose the top three which met highly selective criteria.

100+ successfully completed licensing projects to North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America.

For a European consumer products manufacturing company we did a situation analysis; discovered the competitive landscape; dentified market trends; researched the customers’ purchasing behavior and buyers’ reactions to company’s products and conducted a deeper analysis of the markets in two metropolitan areas, Missouri and Illinois, and company’s brand placement in the US. We made a plan to how to expand to the US as well as give the company marketing tips. We arranged the company’s first customer meetings as well.

Licensed a European corporate product manufacturing company’s patent and secret technical knowhow in Texas. Great financial success that has formed the core of the company’s business.

Accompanied a consumer product manufacturing company’s own staff to a tradeshow with a goal to find contacts for distributors. Our sales director helped the company receive 200 contacts, which was twice the amount they usually get from the same tradeshow.

Arranged sales meetings for a company manufacturing consumer products, in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The meetings were set in two weeks. Company got their first US sales from trip.

Developed a website for US market for a European company offering corporate products.

Selected specialists in both immigration law and contract law in the states of Iowa and New York

Tradeshow analysis for a European company manufacturing corporate products. There are thousands of trade shows in the US, three of them were chosen with proper arguments.

Participating in a tradeshow together with consumer products manufacturing company’s own staff. Our sales Executive enabled Client receive twice as many contacts as usually.

Surveyed the general situation, competitive landscape, customer purchasing behavior, and presented local legislative requirements Client’s product terms and developed, a deeper market analysis of State of Colorado and positioning Client’s brand in the US. Then we made a plan on how to expand our Client’s business to the US and gave them marketing tips. First customer meetings were also set.


Developed a appropriate website for the American market for a European corporate products offering company.

Helped a European corporate product manufacturing company locate to Iowa. Great economic success.

Ongoing online- marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM, Facebook, Newsletter as well as Webinars.

American market fitting brand for a European consumer products’ manufacturing company.

Capteeni ® Sales executive participation in Client’s sales trip. On top of the pre set meetings we were able to obtain several additional meetings using the sales drop in- method. This trip resulted in several sales for Client.

Developed social media, including a Facebook page for a European company.

Expanded a European consumer products manufacturing company to Florida.

Finding a corporate lawyer from New York.

Discovered distribution companies from China and introduced to a European corporate products manufacturing company. We organized a seminar targeted to the Chinese of Iowa, through which several new connections to China were created.

Arranged customer meetings for a European consumer products manufacturing company in the Rocky Mountain States.

Implemented a US market targeted website to a European corporate products selling company.

We helped a F European Client start an LLC- corporation, arranged the bookkeeping, banking connections, salary administration as well as new office space.

Commercialized a Health sector company’s patent in Europe and Asia.

Conducted a Tradeshow analysis.

Develop an appropriate website targeted specifically to American market.

Determining whether an FDA-approval is required prior to marketing.

Solidified B2B salesmen recruiting services

  • 93% of the recruited accomplish their first year’s given sales goals
  • thousands of successful recruitments
  • exclusive references and client statements given per request

Strategic Publicity Campaigns

  • examples of publicity acquired from the following media:

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